About Us

Welcome to the world of technology and programming. In our generations technology programming are very much in demand. We offer the best programming language blog to all of our viewers to equip them for doing their own website well accurate. Hence, we are the community of like-minded people who are interests in technologies and programming. Thus, Hosted Scripts provides a platform to all techies to band together. In effect, we have programming blogs for beginners to increase their knowledge of programming. And to enhance more of their skills and ability. All of our readers address as Techies who are keeping their eyes and ears on technology.


Hosted Script surface in the industry in the year 2005 with three good friends who got interested in sharing their knowledge to all the people who need it. One of their neighbors asks about what to do for the website they want to develop. With that situation, we encourage to combine our knowledge and research. Then, we made it successful by developing the website of our neighbor that until now they are acquiring more traffic on the internet. We continue our research and share to that neighbor. They encourage us to gain more with our knowledge by building our own website delivering blogs about programming. So by that year, we start to develop and enter all of our successful research. On the first month of exposure, we receive tons of comments and questions.


Our deep goal is to bring all of what we know about programming to all the people worldwide. To help them develop their own platforms that reveal what they want the people need to know.


To be one of the top programming language platform education locally and internationally.


We are happy to serve all the people to be more aware and knowledgeable in every technology that comes in our market. We will not get tired to search for more information to share with all of our viewers and future viewers.