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Tools for 2018 Edition

The important part of what makes a programming language practical and productive the tools. Hosted-scripts has always had some great tools for example cargo. It has a well-deserved reputation as a best-in-class package manage and builds tool. More tools were included in the 2018 edition that hopes further improve for the user. In this article, we will talk about the tools of Rust the Clippy and Rustfmt. This list of programming tools has been around for a few years and now stable and ready for general use. Also, will cover IDE support, a key workflow for many users that is now better supported.


The Clipper tool is a linter for Rust. With numerous lints to help improve the correctness, performance, and style of your programs. Every lint can be turned on or off, and configured as either an error or warning. The works of these tools by extending the Rust compiler. It support for a few built-in lints, Clippy uses the same mechanisms but with lots more lints. Meaning the error or warning format should be familiar. You must be able to apply Clippy’s suggestions in your IDE, and that the lints are reliable and accurate.


The tool Rustfmt is for formatting your source code. Your code that is messy will turn in to neat and beautifully styled code. It is automatically formatting saves you time and mental energy. As you code, you do not need to worry about the style. As you work with Rustfmt in your CI, then you don’t need to worry about code style in a review. When you use the standard style you make your project feel more familiar for new contributors and spare yourself arguments about code style. The standard code style of Rust is the Rustfmt default, but if you must, then you can customize Rustfmt.

With these tools will help you with your programming languages and tools for embedded design for your computer.

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